Types of Phobias

Certain phobias are more prevalent than others. Gain a better understanding of both common and rare phobias so you're best equipped to manage your fear.
How to Deal With the Fear of Failure
Is Anatidaephobia a Real Phobia?
Understanding the Fear of Crowds
Do You Have Nomophobia, or a Fear of Being Without Your Phone?
How to Cope With Trichopobia (The Fear of Hair)
Coping With the Fear of Women
Coping With the Fear of the Ocean
What's Really Causing Your Fear of Cruise Ships?
How Are the Most Common Phobias or Fears Treated?
Eating Disorders and Emetophobia (Specific Phobia of Vomiting)
Do You Have the Fear of Being Trapped?
How the Fear of Sex Can Be a Mix of Different Phobias
Why Some People Have a Fear of Other People
Coping With the Fear of Water
How to Help Children Overcome the Fear of Death
When the Fear of Being Touched Hurts Your Relationships
Coping WIth Daemonophobia or the Fear of Demons
Will Your Child Outgrow Their Fear of Monsters?
6 Ways to Cope With the Fear of Traveling
How Symptoms of Stage Fright Manifest Differently From Most Phobias
Can You Actually Have a Fear of the Sun?
Causes, Symptoms, and Complications With Angrophobia
Is Cruise Ship Phobia Ruining Your Family's Vacation Plans?
How the Fear of Being Stared at Can Limit Your Life
Coping With the Fear of Dead Things (Necrophobia)
Olfactory Reference Characteristics and Treatment
What Is Separation Anxiety?
What Is the Fear of Knees?
Coping With Zuigerphobia, or the Fear of Vacuum Cleaners
The Fear of Air is Real, and It's Called Anemophobia
Causes, Treatment, and Complications of Climacophobia
How Dementophobia or the Fear of Going Insane Happens
The Reason for the Fear of Witchcraft in History and Modern Times
Can You Be Afraid of Cold?
Understanding Fluoxetine or Prozacs Side Effects and Drug Interactions
Ataque de Nervios Is a Culturally-Bound Syndrome Exclusive to Latinos
Understanding Xenophobia, the Fear of Strangers
Coping With Osmophobia or the Fear of Smells
Phobophobia Can Actually Cause Other Phobias
What Is Dysmorphophobia?
Is Your Fear of Self-Promotion Killing Your Career or Your Love Life?
Taijin Kyofusho Is a Culture-Bound Social Phobia
How a Fear of Intimacy Can Cause You to Avoid or Sabotage Relationships
Paraphobia: Learn How to Cope with the Fear of Perversion
Coping With Ostraconophobia or the Fear of Shellfish
Afraid of the Dark? You May Have Nyctophobia
What You Need to Know About Arachnophobia
Coping With a Fear of Lightning
Learn How to Cope With a Phobia of Birds
Learn How to Cope With the Fear of Food
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