Theories of Psychology

Understand the intricacies to the science of the mind. Learn how the many branches of psychology differ from one another and how and where they overlap.
Understanding How Children Learn About Gender
The Science and Research Behind Near-Death Experiences
How Different Branches of Psychology Study the Brain and Behavior
What to Know About Nature vs. Nurture
Explore a List of Psychological Disorders From the DSM-5
How Studying the Id Helps Us Understand Our Dark Side
How Industrial-Organizational Psychology Helps Improve Workplaces
Psychology Explains How Cultural Differences Influence Human Behavior
Community Psychology Explains How Individuals Relate to Society
How Does the Great Man Theory of Leadership Hold Up?
Why the Most Effective Leaders Know How to Adapt to the Situation
How Priming Affects the Psychology of Memory
How Learned Optimism Can Improve Your Life
How Cultural Norms Influence Behavior and Gender Value
The History of Comparative Psychology With Animals
How Clinical Psychology Is Used to Treat Mental Illness
How Theories Are Used in Psychology
How Health Psychology Can Help You Live a Better Life
A Brief Overview of the Field of Forensic Psychology
What Does a Human Factors Psychologist Do?
Do Great Leaders Share Certain Traits? See What the Research Says
Why Do Some People Become Great Leaders?
Can Positive Psychology Really Help You Lead a Happy Life?
How Does the James-Lange Theory Account for Emotions?
How Instincts and Our Experiences Can Influence Behavior
The Arousal Theory and Our Individual Behaviors
How Does Drive Reduction Theory Explain Human Motivation?
The Incentive Theory of Motivation Explains How Rewards Drive Actions
An Overview of Sports Psychology
What Is Consumer Psychology?
How Does Self-Determination Theory Explain Motivation?
How Psychologists Define and Study Abnormal Behavior
Are You Looking for a Top-Ranked Psychology Program?
The Zeigarnik Effect Is Why You Keep Thinking of Unfinished Work
Why People Make Social Constructs and How They Can Change
What Is a Projection Defense Mechanism?
What Is an Anal Personality?
How Social Facilitation Can Improve Your Performance
What to Know About Defense Mechanisms
Is There a Link Between Soft Drinks and Aggression In Children?
Conduct Disorder in Children Can Cause Serious Behavior Problems
5 Surprising Ways to Increase Motivation
How Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Explains Human Motivation
9 Little Habits That Make You a Better Decision Maker
The Role of Classical Conditioning in Taste Aversions
How to Read Body Language and Facial Expressions
How the Health Belief Model Influences Your Health Choices
How Classical Conditioning Works, With Examples
Role of a Conditioned Response in the Classical Conditioning Process
What's an Unconditioned Response in Psychology?
How to Choose the Best Treatment Program for a Teen
See How an Unconditioned Stimulus Can Create a Learned Response
Factors That Affect Risk-Taking Behavior
How Is Extinction Defined in Psychology?
How Do Variable-Interval Schedules Influence Behavior?
How Secondary Reinforcement Helps Condition Behavior
How Holism Can Help Us Understand Behavior
How the Field of Psychology Defines Libido
The Law of Effect in Psychology
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