Social Psychology

Ever notice how people behave differently in groups? Learn how social psychology studies the way people think, behave, and feel in social environments.
Polyvagal Theory and How It Relates to Social Cues
The Profound Impact of Self-Disclosure on Social Relationships
Social Support Is Imperative for Health and Well-Being
How Self-Handicapping Can Sabotage Your Chances of Success
The Bandwagon Effect Is Why People Fall for Trends
What Are the 9 Types of Nonverbal Communication You Might Be Missing?
Why We Risk Our Own Well-Being to Help Others
Social Psychology Studies How We Interact With the World
Understanding Social Exchange Theory in Psychology
Understanding Collectivist Cultures
How Do Individualistic Cultures Influence Behavior?
How Social Comparison Theory Influences Our Views on Ourselves
What Is a Sense of Belonging?
Why Do We Feel Compelled to Return Favors?
Do You Notice the Signs When Someone Is Lying?
8 Interesting Social Psychology Experiments
How Actor-Observer Biases Affect the Way We Interact With People
A Quick Guide to Becoming a Master of Persuasion
How Do We Form Impressions of Other People?
5 Ways That Theories of Psychology Explain Love
How Does Representativeness Affect Your Decisions?
How Can Our Attitudes Change and Influence Behaviors?
Social Psychology Research Areas That Include Interaction Among People
The Major Perspectives in Social Psychology
How Do Social Psychologists Conduct Their Research?
The 3 Factors of Reciprocal Determinism
Social Cognition and the World Around Us
What You Should Know About Attachment Styles
What Is Attribution in Social Psychology?
10 Things You Should Know About Social Psychology
10 Ways to Master the Art of Nonverbal Communication
The Psychology of Compliance
How the Just-World Phenomenon Explains Victim-Blaming
What Is Persuasion?
Why Empathy Is Important
How Social Loafing Explains Why We Do Less When We're in a Group
The Psychology Behind Why We Strive for Consensus
Obedience Research and Meaning in Psychology
The Different Reasons Why People Victim-Blame
Can You Measure Love With Rubin's Scales?
What to Know About Attention-Seeking Behavior
How to Cope With Stigma When You Have a Mental Illness
Why We Feel Pressure to Say Yes With the Rule of Commitment
How the Heroic Imagination Project Helps Kids Become Everyday Heroes
4 Common Questions About the Science of Love
Smalls Groups Solve Problems Better Than Those Working Alone
How Attachment Theory Works
Why Do We Try So Hard to Be Like Other People?
What the Bobo Doll Experiment Reveals About Kids and Aggression
Differences Between Compassionate and Passionate Love in Relationships
Is Love Biological or Is It a Cultural Phenomenon?
How Diffusion of Responsibility Affects the Way We Act in Groups
What Psychology Says About Why Bystanders Sometimes Fail to Help
Controversial and Unethical Psychology Experiments
How the Halo Effect Influences the Way We Perceive Attractive People
Research Suggests the Brain Can Be Trained in Compassion
The Psychology of Heroism: Are Heroes Born or Made?
Are You Guilty of Participating in the Bystander Effect?
Social Psychology Field Overview